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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the story behind GuiMags?

How many GuiMags are in a case?

Our lead designer wanted to find a way to keep coming up with great interfaces during severe carpel tunnel (RSI). As he pondered a design at home, he used refrigerator magnets as imaginary interface controls, since drawing and clicking was painful.
A journey of ideas and tests later resulted in the birth of GuiMags which turned out to not only help hurting arms, but helped speeding up the design process as a bonus.


The “GuiMags Corporate Case" comes with around 100 magnets in a slim, specially designed case with the size of a laptop.

The "GuiMags Student Version" comes with 50 magnets, complete with blue storage box.


What type of whiteboard is needed?

In what sizes do the GuiMags come?

You simply need a magnetic whiteboard, that’s all really. (Note that not all whiteboards are magnetic).
We also provide specially designed GuiBoards, that have screenresolutions preprinted on them.

Each interface control has its own size, so the magnets vary in size. Averagely, they are 1.5 inches tall (about 2,5 CM) and four inches wide (about 7 cm). We have ideas to create a larger educational version for classrooms and a smaller to design on a small scale. Please let us know if you’re interested, using the contact form. Your input helps us decide whether to go for it or not!


Why use GuiBoards?

Are GuiMags for one use only?

GuiBoards are not mandatory, yet extremely helpful. They have many standard screenresolutions (iPhone, web, full page, even TV & HD) printed on them, so you can sketch with proportions!


GUImags can be used over and over again. You can write on their special coated surface with a non-permanent marker to easily wipe off again.

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