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"An excellent tool for prototyping on the fly!"
- Fresh.Gui blog
"You'll look so professional when you show up for meetings!"
"These little magnets [...] are so obvious, you'll wonder how you lived without them all these years."
- Kristi Colvin
"Simply brilliant!"

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1 - The overlooked part of UI-design

Getting to a breakthrough UI takes many iterations.
It's smart to go through these phases early on, when changes don't cost as much.
Unfortunately there haven't been tools to help you do this!

2 - The right tools weren't there yet

- Paper prototyping is to test the interface once it is made and doesn't give a clean overview of your design while making it.
- Design programs make great finals, but they prove to be too rigid to quickly change around and compare during the thinking process.
- Sketches work, but are very loose. A redraw is needed for every change.

3 - GuiMags boosts the thinking process

GuiMags boosts designing individually as well as designing with a group.
With remarkably simple interface magnets, you draw, wipe, change, compare and critique.
You can even show clients what their changes imply. Right away!

4 - Easy write-on wipe-off

GuiMags are specially designed for easy write-on, wipe-off.
Its smooth specially coated surface helps you design faster and apply changes in a heartbeat.


Which controls are included?

  • GuiMags Corporate comes with 100 high quality magnets, containing most commonly used UI controls (10 of each)
  • GuiMags Student comes with 50 magnets (5 of each)
Tab-Selected Tab control
Radio Button Radio Button
+ label
Tab-Selectable Tab control
Input Box Input Box
Slider-Control Slider Control Button Button
Scrollbar Scrollbar CheckBox Checkbox
+ label
Numeric Input Numeric Input
DropDown Menu Dropdown

Designing as a team can be enjoyable again!

Creating interfaces together wasn’t always fun, simply because the right tools weren't there yet.

Software Prototyping:
Yes, projectors are great, but computers don’t allow for smooth collaboration. Usually one person ‘owns’ the keyboard, meaning his ideas get more exposure. GuiMags free you up from this ‘take-your-turn’ type of computer design, allowing everyone to participate.

Sketching by yourself is fun, but sketches or computer-prints don’t work too well if a client wants to change things on the fly. With GuiMags you can quickly recreate a screen to see if that’s what the client wants.

How were they invented?

Our lead designer wanted to find a way to keep coming up with great interfaces after Carpal Tunnel entered his arms uninvited. As he pondered a design at home, he used refrigerator magnets as imaginary interface controls, since drawing and clicking was too painful. A journey of ideas and tests later resulted in the birth of GuiMags, which turned out to speed up our design process by 80% as a bonus!

Purchase GuiMags:


  Storage: Sturdy laptop-size snapcase
  GuiMags: 100 pieces
  Size: 260 mm x 317 mm x 32 mm [US: 10 1/4" x 12 1/2" x 1 1/4"]
  Price: USD 98,-
  Shipping: Worldwide


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